About Us

We are a Polish consulting company active in the IT/ICT market since 2012. We run offices in Gdynia and Warsaw, as well as a branch in Denmark.

Currently, ITFS employs over 500 consultants, who deliver solutions for clients from various sectors, such as banking, telecommunications, finances, production, education, FCMG, nonprofit organizations, and others.

Our units provide services in the area of outsourcing and IT staff recruitment, matching the skills of experts with the requirements of a specific project. We operate competence centers and build from the scratch teams of specialists responsible for executing a company’s goals. ITFS supports businesses through the end-to-end implementation of resource planning and customer relationship management systems. It enables using the full potential of IT tools, ensuring the smooth functioning of a network infrastructure.

At ITFS, we help optimize business processes based on a careful analysis of companies’ needs and systems.

Our dynamic development has been noticed both in Poland and Europe, which resulted in recognition by Financial Times FT1000 and Forbes Diamonds 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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We put emphasis on offering our clients professional services and providing them with
the best possible solutions. We value transparency and accuracy of communication.
We are constantly changing and improving internal processes
to be able to meet the expectations of our partners.

ITFS Sp. z o. o.
Al. Zwyciestwa 96/98
81-451 Gdynia
+48 22 299 00 04

ITFS Sp. z o. o.
Al. Jerozolimskie 125/127 loc. 506
02-017 Warsaw
+48 22 299 00 04

ITFS Denmark
Industrivej 21
4000 Roskilde
+45 2630 6104